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Why Jimcor Agencies?


1. Independence. Jimcor is committed to the independent agency system since our inception over 35 years ago. We remain independent, never competing with agency partners, providing access to markets and services they need to succeed in the ever changing marketplace.

2. Expanded geographic reach. An easier way to enter new markets is to partner with Jimcor. We have over 175 markets and continue to add markets to help our clients grow.

3. Access to expertise and industry knowledge. Expand your products and services. Our clients can focus on their core products while adding to their product lines with our specialists.

4. Access to new business classes. Get access to niches that it might not make sense to pursue on a large scale due to higher risk of exposure or lack of experience and marketing depth.

5. The ability to offer tailored products. Our personalized experience allows a carrier to confidently price its product offering based on a better understanding of the risks involved in that line of business; also, a tailored product will meet a customer's individual, specific needs.

​6. Account Services:

  • In-House Claims Team: Our attention to detail and ability to explain what is happening during difficult times makes what can be a complicated situation a lot easier to deal with.

  • Accounting & Finance Options: Flexible accounting options including; online statements and the ability to finance policies even those written outside of Jimcor.

Meet The Corporate Team

Coryn Thalmann, CIC, CIW
James Mastowski
CEO & Chief Operating Officer
President & Chief Information Officer
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David Laquidara
Kristen Skender
Donna McCole-Rodriguez, PHR
Chief Financial Officer

Director of Corporate Development 

Senior Vice President: Brokerage

Vice President, Human Resources
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Meet The Sales Managers

Meredith Dyson
Renee Azelby
Joseph Schneider
Vice President- Sales Manager
Vice President- Sales Manager
Vice President- Sales Manager
Professional Lines
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Melissa COP.jpg
Linda COP.jpg
Melissa Delaney
Linda Schecker
Bob McNamee
Personal Lines Manager
Sales Manager
Vice President of Commercial Binding Authority
Sales Manager
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Meet Central Services

Phyllis COP.jpg
Phyllis Murphy
Tammy Malizia
Jim Morris
Accounting Manager
Claims Manager
IT Manager
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Jennica COP.jpg
Regina COP.jpg
Jennica Mintz
Regina Guinup
Director of Commercial Lines Services
Director of Operations
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Mission Statement

Jimcor’s mission is to empower associates to develop creative insurance solutions that add value to our clients. Through teamwork, integrity, professionalism and innovation, we aim to provide state of the art technology, technical knowledge, progressive training and a focus on a positive sales experience.


To be a growing, independent and dynamic insurance wholesaler committed to its stakeholders.

Core Values 

  • SERVICE:  We value our clients and commit ourselves to servicing their needs.

  • PROFESSIONAL:  We demonstrate our professionalism through appearance, workspace, on-going learning and expert quality of work.

  • INNOVATIVE: We create products, services and systems that exceed the expectations of our clients and associates.

  • RESPECT: We treat everyone in an equal, positive & courteous manner.

  • INITIATIVE: We hold ourselves accountable for our actions. We are solution oriented and take ownership of our work.

  • TEAMWORK:  We promote trust and cooperation in the Jimcor community.

Company History


We are an independent MGA & wholesale brokerage with family values. Founded in 1986 by Frank Mastowski and his wife Ellen, we have grown to represent a portfolio of over 175 admitted and non-admitted markets between our in-house binding authority and brokerage capabilities.

Our strength is not only in our relationships with our clients and markets, but our ability to understand the risk and help you with creative placement solutions. Through innovative technology, we continue to find ways to stay cutting-edge and provide additional opportunities with OASIS 24/7 quoting, accounting and comparative rating.


We continue to look forward, while never forgetting where we came from. Great people are what brought us here- from our diverse and multilingual employees, to our carrier partnerships and most importantly our clients.


Thank you for your time to learn more about Jimcor, please feel free to reach out with any questions. We appreciate your continued support.


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Featured News


"There are a few different factors, the biggest one probably being that reinsurance costs are increasing, which ends up resulting in higher premiums and rate to the end consumer,” McNamee said. “That can significantly increase pricing and all indications are that as we move into 2025 that will stabilize, but it’s still impacting the 2024 premiums pretty significantly.”


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Bob McNamee Headshot2.jpg

Meet Bob McNamee our Sales Manager for New York

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